Case Histories

Mrs. J.

Mrs. J presented with long term sleep problems dating from when her children were born.

A thorough case study showed an entrenched pattern of falling asleep but waking at the slightest sound and then being unable to fall back to sleep.

In taking into consideration Mrs J's lifestyle it was suggested to establish a routine for going to bed and to introduce Relaxation Techniques. With the herbal approach it was important to aid sedation for sleep without causing drowsiness during the day or that hangover feeling sleeping tablets can give. With long term sleep difficulties it is necessary to support the Nervous System too, and maybe give a tonic to generally boost a tired body. The Herbal Medicine, uniquely made for Mrs. J, combined with the holistic approach allowed sleep patterns to return.

Depressed Susan

Sadly, and all too often, life events race ahead and leave the individual standing. Susan had experienced a number of life events that were beyond her control, both at work and within the family. Being unable to express herself to her husband she had grown very low and life was a struggle.

Having the time in a consultation to listen allowed Susan to realise things quite unprompted having never before given her the time to rational events. This alone was beneficial.

It is important to approach this depression from all aspects of daily living that being nutritionally, physically and emotionally. Together we would look at any necessary changes to diet to ensure maximum healthy diet aiding the body at times of stress. Some form of physical activity is important, be it only a walk each day. The brain is constantly active therefore allowing it relaxation time brings the brain pattern down to more restful states. Simple relaxation techniques are easily taught and do benefit.

Herbs used will need to support the nervous system with stimulating gently, and trying to relax an anxious condition without sedation, maybe checking a deficient and sluggish circulation and looking to boost other systems that may well be affected by depression e.g. digestion is often affected. If necessary a tonic to liver and kidneys is initially used too, to ensure that the main excreting organs of the body function well.

All is gently introduced, and Susan returned to full health.

Baby Joshua

Joshua was only 9 months old but continually had a snotty nose!

All too often babies seem to catch one virus after another. Back to basic principles of nutrition to ensure it will support the developing and growing child. Supporting the young body with gentle herbs aiming to support the developing immune system, giving antiseptic herbs for the lungs and upper respiratory tract and ensuring the correct lymphatic drainage will aid Joshua’s body to health.

It is then important to avoid further infections and advice on prevention and treating acutely is given.