At the initial consultation a full case history is taken concentrating on the main problem, then also looking at the whole body systems to see the effect on the whole body. Questions of past medical history, family history are taken. A look at diet and lifestyle too.

An examination is done where necessary and possibly blood tests done where appropriate.

Herbal treatment comes in many forms! More often than not patients prefer Fluid Extract Liquid Medicine in dropper form that is easily taken. Sometimes ointment for skin complaints are given, or teas for a young child, with Honey!

The Herbs are chosen uniquely for your individual condition, tailored just for you.

Review will be within the first two weeks when the Herbal Medicine may be slightly altered to adapt as the body heals.

Further appointments at the following month, and thereafter roughly every 3 to 4 months. Acute conditions are treated more rapidly and sometimes follow-up is not needed.